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Discover Saint-Nazaire with one of its inhabitants

To visit Saint-Nazaire is to undertake an unexpected journey, to explore a territory with a thousand facets that complement each other without ever opposing each other: urban and seaside, XXL and intimate, historic and innovative, industrial and bucolic… To visit Saint-Nazaire is to live experiences that are not lived anywhere else. According to your desires, we invite you to discover the singular history of a city that bears witness to the 20th century, the softness of its coasts with beaches and unsuspected creeks, the industrial power of its unique port in France, the calm of the vast marshes of Brière… Choose a theme and go for a walk with one of our passionate greeters !

Harmony of the Seas ©Martin Launay

La Brière: thatch in the fall ©Andrea Klose

Sunset on the Villès-Martin lighthouse ©Andrea Klose

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Saint-Nazaire City side

Saint-Nazaire city side

Art is honored in Saint-Nazaire, labeled City of Art and History! Between street art works by internationally renowned artists, contemporary sculptures and renowned exhibition venues such as the Grand Café or the LiFE, there is something for everyone.
Also follow our greeters in the pedestrian streets of Saint-Nazaire to discover its 50's architecture from another angle. Stroll through its shops where local and artisanal products are in the spotlight. Fill your basket in one of the town's markets...

La Brière

La Brière

At the gates of Saint-Nazaire, the Brière, the second largest marshland in France, can be discovered at a leisurely pace: on foot, by bike, by boat or carriage, through thatched cottages villages and along the canals.

Saint-Nazaire Sea side

Saint-Nazaire at the sea

Saint-Nazaire is also a coastline of great beauty: beaches and creeks, headlands and cliffs, a coastal path of several kilometres and a magnificent promenade along the seafront, just a stone's throw from the town centre. Discover a jealously preserved and gently landscaped environment.

The Green Saint-Nazaire

Green Saint Nazaire

Saint-Nazaire, green city: this goes against many prejudices! However, more than a third of the urban area of Saint-Nazaire is "green", with public parks and gardens, the countless gardens of the pavilions and residences, and about a thousand hectares of agricultural and wetland areas on the edge of the Brière marshland.
Saint-Nazaire and its agglomeration offer a dream playground for hiking enthusiasts: from the Chemin des Douaniers to the Brière, from the ponds to the port area, from the 19th century villas to the surrounding countryside, discover the city's so varied atmospheres via the countless paths that criss-cross it.

Saint-Nazaire Harbour side

Saint-Nazaire port side

Our greeters, some of them former employees of the shipyards, will tell you how the navy has marked the history of Saint-Nazaire. With them, you will observe from afar the construction of the liners.
For information, the entrance to the Shipyards site is only for a guided tour.
The port, the town's raison d'être, is the privileged witness of its history !
Transatlantic installations, German submarine base,... the walk will reveal traces of this past and will tell you how Saint-Nazaire has always been marked by its openness to the sea.

Historical Saint-Nazaire

Historic Saint-Nazaire's Day.

The history of Saint-Nazaire is of an unsuspected richness: city built twice in one century, starting point of transatlantic lines before being very hard hit by the Second World War, villas of the 19th century rub shoulders with modern buildings and even megaliths several thousands of years old !

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We can choose for you, if you wish. Depending on the date and the language requested, also according to your areas of interest and your comments expressed on your registration form, we will make one or more proposals for a tour.

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The Greeters of Saint-Nazaire are happy to welcome visitors, as they would welcome friends. They volunteer during their free time to share their passion during a walk and a friendly meeting. They are passionate about Saint-Nazaire and the Brière, that they will introduce to you from an inhabitant’s perspective. True ambassadors of the territory, they can also share their favorite places or even their good tips!

So, are you ready to be bowled over?”

What do our visitors say after a Greet in Saint-Nazaire?

Août 2019
Ce fut une balade très intéressante avec Pascal, ponctuée d’histoires véridiques et personnelles. Ca nous a donné envie d’en apprendre plus sur l’histoire de Saint-Nazaire et surtout nous a fait voir la ville d’une autre perspective. Un grand merci pour cette offre!

Caroline B.

France (44)

Août 2019
Belle rencontre avec Gérard, un greeter très investi et passionné par sa ville et alentours. Une première approche-découverte de la Brière très agréable, Gérard avait prévu des jumelles afin qu’on puisse observer la faune et mis à disposition des brochures afin qu’on approfondisse nos connaissances de la flore. A vivre sans hésitation !

Chrystelle T.

France (17)

Septembre 2019
Super moment d’échange avec Jean-Clair, nous avons pu découvrir Saint-Nazaire, son histoire et son patrimoine de façon très amicale et agréable. Il a répondu à toutes nos questions et s’est adapté à nos envies. Merci beaucoup pour ce moment ! Je recommande vivement.

Valentine D.

France (44)

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